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What type of EV Charger Do You Need

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales saw a sharp increase in 2020 despite the lockdowns!

If you are looking to purchase and electric car this article on talks about the various things you need to consider including tax implications.

One of the things mentioned in the article is home chargers and this is where we specialise. There are a number of different charger models available and it may seem overwhelming when trying to decide which one is best for you. In the very first instance, however, you must consider whether you have somewhere suitable to charge your car at home- i.e., off street parking like a garage or driveway. This is one of the first questions OLEV ask if you wish to take advantage of the OLEV Grant Scheme.

Wall Box Chargers

A home wallbox charger is a unit fitted to a wall either inside your garage or outside your house- whichever is nearer to where you park your car. It is connected to your home’s mains electricity. Wallboxes can be tethered or untethered – a tethered wallbox has a cable attached which plugs straight into your car whereas an untethered wallbox comes with a standard plug into which you have to run your own cable. The benefit of the untethered wallbox is that you only need to change the cable if you change your car.

What Charger do I need?

Think about your daily mileage and driving requirements. If you drive only a limited amount each day, bringing the car back with a healthy amount of battery remaining, you perhaps only need a 3.6kW charger to slowly recharge the vehicle overnight.

If you do a lot of driving, often arriving home with little charge left, and you need to use your car regularly throughout the week and at weekends, then a 7KW fast charger may be a better option.

It’s worth noting that the maximum charging speed your house can deliver depends on the type of electricity supply it receives: most UK households have what’s known as a ‘single-phase’ connection allowing for a 7KW charger while larger buildings and factories tend to have more powerful ‘three-phase’ connections allowing for a 22KW charger


So, how do you decide on the right make of charger for you?

Basingstoke Electricians, DRC Electrical Services, can help you make a decision on the right charger for you. We can advise on what to expect from your home, in case you end up buying a high-power wallbox that you realise you can't make full use of.

Contact DRC Electrical on 07985 279916 or email us at for more advice

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