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The Benefits of Air Conditioning

The Benefits

Did you know that there are health benefits of having air conditioning at home?

The filtration system air conditioners have, help those suffering with allergies like hay fever as the air is filtered and cleaned by the units. It is also great for filtering out traffic pollution and odour and industrial pollution for those living in built up areas.

Air-conditioners also act as dehumidifiers. High humidity can bring harmful bacteria that can harm your health, but low humidity can cause skin problems and breathing issues. A good air conditioner can help maintain the perfect humidity levels.

Having air-conditioning helps you to sleep better! Not only by cooling the room on hot nights, but also by reducing the noise levels that you may incur by having your window open near a busy road, for example.

The most obvious benefit of air conditioning is the cooling factor which, on hot summer days like those we have seen in recent years, can help prevent heat exhaustion!

The Costs

There are different types of air conditioning systems such as portable, central air conditioning or split or multi-split air conditioning.

Portable air conditioners are usually much cheaper to buy than other air conditioning systems, but they’re considerably more expensive to run. This means that they’re great as a quick fix but aren’t the best long-term solution.

Central air conditioning uses ducting to distribute air around a building. While this offers a subtle, property-wide solution, the air can lose or gain heat as it travels through the ducting. This means that, although much more efficient than portable air conditioners, it’s not always the most economical option out there.

Split or multi-split air conditioning offers high levels of efficiency and flexibility. It’s almost always the best option if you want a long-term air conditioning solution with low running costs.

The following is a guide to the running cost of split and multi-split units:

Output Room size Cost to run per hour

2.5kW Small 10p

3.5kW Medium 14p

5kW Large 20p

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